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Safety First.

Our operators and technicians are trained and certified. We have a goal to have zero incidents. Our PPE standards and safety training surpass any requirements.

Regardless of our new hires experience we train each person as if it where their first position in the field. 


Our rate is based on doing a great job for the lowest cost possible so we can pass this on to our customer. We feel this will pay off in the long run.

We also partner with our customers to ensure that safety, health and environmental standards are held to the highest level possible. Focus Utility Services is continually striving to meet operational excellence in the industry. 


No job too large or small.

We work safely and efficiently.
Storm drain, Flooding, Safe Dig, Tank cleaning, Culverts, Pothole, Daylight, Line locate, Soft dig, Pipeline crossing, Hydro-vac, Non destructive excavation, Combination truck, Combination reel, Underground infrastructure, Exposure of live lines, Tunneling, Vacuum excavation, Storm drain jetting, Hydro jetting, Drain jetting, Trenching, Hydro excavation, Slot trench, Detention ponds, Storm sewer, Jetting, Sewer services, Utility pole holes, Sewer jetting, Infrastructure construction, Soil digging, Sewer jetter, Utility locating, Remote excavation, Vacuum excavation, Utility pothole, Catch basin cleaning, Pipe clogs, Clean pipe walls, Service pits 

We are "focused on doing the right thing"

We have the experience and knowledge to keep us at the top of your list!

Justin Toubeaux


Justin has years of experience in industry and even more experience in managing high pressure positions. He has always excelled in the positions he's held and anybody would say is a good decision maker. Justin has worked with drilling rigs, pipeline crews, location construction, roustabouts, fracing crews, daylighting, pot holing and many other types of jobs. He is good at keeping his guys safe and productive!

Stephanie Toubeaux


Stephanie has many years of experience in management and is very "business savvy". She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, and is very sharp! Any situation that arises, she takes charge with competent decisiveness. Stephanie has experience leading companies single handedly to success. Her grandfather has been in the trucking industry since the 60's so it's in her blood. She has developed our DOT compliance and drug and alcohol program to exceed the requirements and has proven to be a perfect fit for the industry.

Focus Utility Services


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We are a safety first company.

We Are Incident Free, Almost every company reports this but in our case its the truth! We currently have ZERO incidents and ZERO accidents. 

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