We Are Professionals.

Infrastructure Construction

Focus Utility Services is a Woman and Minority owned leading provider of hydro excavation services in the power delivery industry. With years of experience and a highly skilled workforce, we offer a turnkey solution that encompasses ground penetrating radar, temporary traffic control, soft dig excavation, and restoration services. Our commitment to safety, continuous training, and the expertise of our team sets us apart from our competitors

CCTV Pipe Inspection

We have state of the art equipment and are ready to support your job. Whether its a duct bank that needs looked at or a directional drill crossing we can help! 

GPR Services

We can let you know exactly where underground utilities exist. Our equipment has dual-frequency antenna to detect deep and shallow targets simultaneously.


After the excavation project is done we can restore it to better then new.

Line Jetting

We have the right equipment. Jetting duct banks and pulling mule line, storm drains or any other line that needs cleaned or pulled through.

Safe Dig

We Are The Safe Dig Professionals. Put us next to any competitor and we will produce better results faster no doubt. We have proven this many times.

Emergency Response

We know, when it is an emergency, response time is critical. We always have a team ready 24/7.

Hydro Excavation

Day lighting, line locating, tunneling, slot trenching, bell trenching, line repair, pole holes and any other type of excavation in any ground. We are the soft dig professionals.

Fluid Hauling

We are prepared to haul any liquid in any volume.  With the correct processes we can dispose of environmental waste, oil contaminated material, water, mud, drilling fluid or any other fluid.

Storm Response

We also take a great deal of pride in our storm response experience. Focus Utility Services played a crucial role in the power restoration efforts following the devastating storm Ian. With our entire fleet of 15 vac trucks and a wide array of specialized tools and equipment, we were swiftly dispatched to assist in various critical tasks.

Specialty Site Support

We have worked at the NASA space center, in ports, in the swamp of the Everglades, on drilling rigs, in rattle snake infested ranches, in high voltage vaults, in the middle of down town Miami to the Western desert of Colorado. We can handle the job.

Manhole Cleaning

We come prepared. Degreaser, shovels, squeegees, Tyvek, gloves, atmosphere testing, tri- pod, vac truck and crew with a willing attitude and the best practices.

We Specialize in Pole Hole Excavation

We know the pressure when it comes time to set poles and your project is filled with markings from the 811 surveyor. We are capable of digging these holes where others can't. We have the technique that sets us apart. Hard rock, high water, soft sugar sand and everything in between.

Emergency Environmental Response

Weather it is a spill clean up, an underground outage or a lightening struck transformer we are ready for the call., We have crews on standby waiting. 24/7. Christmas, 2am or any other time. We are ready.

Emergency Power Restoration

When there's a trouble ticket, we are ready for the call. We come prepared in any conditions. Rain, snow, wind, heat, cold and everything in between.