Culture Vision

Who we are- 
We are a very different group of people who separate from Focus Utility may never cross paths, however together we have a culture that does not value excuses, when you’re given a challenge or are striving for a goal, weather it be performance hauling water, designing a safety program/policy or any other task that we find ourselves working on, our job is to accomplish it, in spite of the difficulty. We reward those that rise above the challenges and make it happen.

How we behave-
We believe in our values and are committed to them and are even willing to hire and fire employees based on these values. Even though we are such a dynamic crew we consistently work together for the same common goal. Stay safe and build Focus Utility. When we interview a new employee, we look for many things but the main traits I seek are ambition and humility. The attitude of everyone is so critical and so we strive to never speak about one another in a negative light. Our customers will never love a company unless our employees love it first. We team build with meetings and Friday afternoon BBQ’s, we train on safety topics in house and have round table discussions weekly about our progress, issues and areas of success. We reward good performance with bonus’s, tickets to different events and gift cards. We strive to provide recognition to those that are performing, and we work with the people who are struggling with patience and recognize not everyone responds the same to management styles, so we come together as a team to figure out a better approach. Anyone who has the drive to be here, has a positive attitude everyday and keeps putting in the effort to become a productive employee will never have to worry about having a position with us. We stand behind the people who are here doing their best, there is no limit to the loyalty we will show for our employees that take pride in our company.

What we believe-
Attitude is everything. If an employee carries a negative attitude, it jeopardizes the focus of everybody else and brings others down which carries over to how we conduct ourselves to our customers and the performance of the tasks we are working on. We believe the only thing that really matters is that each and everyone of us gets home safe at the end of every shift. We believe that you should be looking out for each other. Everyone will try to set others up for success. We believe having an excuse for poor performance or bad decision making is useless. We own our mistakes and use it as a reason to coach and develop better practices. Each of us has a purpose that is unique, we all add something nobody else can bring to the team. We have a company guideline that is very simple. We are focused on doing the right thing.

How we Succeed-
We communicate all the time. Every employee gives a thorough end of shift update to communicate what was accomplished, what needs passed down, challenges faced, concerns, customer support needs, equipment status and anything else we can try to pass on to the next guy to help us remain successful. We develop opportunities for our employees based on their strengths. Everyone has a talent or strength of character unique to them and we try to embrace these individual characteristics and develop positions that benefit the employee, our customers and the company. Our values are to focus on being ethical, safe, display a level of commitment to overcome challenges and provide a service that is not typical but very unique to our company and to remain focused on having an attitude of enthusiasm, teamwork, dedication and to do the best job we are able to do so that we may have a positive impact on the people we work around and can continue to increase interest in our company so that we as the Focus Utility Services team may have a career that provides a quality of life filled with passion, fulfillment and confidence.

Mission Vision 

 Our Employees- It has always been, and will always be, about attention to detail. We’re passionate about the industry, we know the little mistakes create unsafe and unproductive situations and so we strive to train, address and hold accountable our team to strict procedures that we have gone over as a company and decided the best practice. We strive to under promise and over deliver by running equipment that is safe and maintained, hiring and training quality employees and doing our best to remain efficient, productive and always aware of what we must do to achieve our project goals. We care deeply about all of this; our work is never done.
Our Customers- When we are working for our customers on any type of job, we connect with them to establish expectations, safety awareness and uplift attitudes— even if just for a few moments. Sure, it begins in the promise of a perfectly executed project for the lowest cost possible, but our work goes far beyond that. It’s really about the pride we take in building a company that others want to work for and customers seek us out.
Our Neighborhood- We are a part of a great community, and we take our responsibility to Environmental, Health and Safety seriously. We want to be incident free. We are aware that accidents and spills are preventable. We can be a force for positive action— bringing together our partners, customers, and the community in a way that serves the need for successful projects through supporting our customers who build our infrastructure while taking great care of all of God’s creations. Now we see that our responsibility—and our potential for good—is even larger than we ever thought. We will be philanthropists for our community, We will provide opportunities to our employees they would not find anywhere else and provide a service to our customers that keeps the bottom line in mind but out performs any other similar company with zero accidents or spills.

The Environment 

Our company must have very little impact on the environment. We use state of the art equipment to ensure our emissions are as small as possible and we are always seeking ways and information to improve our program. All of our equipment has GPS monitoring with cameras monitoring both inside and outside of the equipment. This has proven to be a very good tool based on the accountability of our staff and how we manage their behaviors. We are constantly monitoring this to ensure we are taking the best routes possible eliminating hundreds of gallons of fuel use per year as well as idle time being cut in half. We monitor every aspect of our operations including where our loads are being discharged. The awareness we create gives our employees pride in the communities we serve, this plus our accountability process ensures we never cut corners regarding our responsibilities to ensure all spoils of production are disposed of correctly and in the proper locations.

The Community

As the owners of Focus Utility we see that our responsibilities are much more than just doing a great job of safely digging. We understand that the communities we work in are customers and the people who tolerate us operating in their neighborhoods and near their businesses are to be respected. We are not causing any more disruption than what is absolutely necessary. We work very hard to ensure that our employees have the awareness needed to be considered professionals and conduct themselves in a way that people appreciate. This way we tend to find grace and gratitude from the people affected by our projects.

Coaching and Developement

We have a coaching process that we use to modify the behaviors of our staff every single day. These coaching forms are filed and used as a way of holding our staff accountable for the behaviors they have been addressed on. This process creates an environment our employees flourish in. People that come here find that they are recognized for their efforts and trained to be competent and highly responsible in not only their positions here but in their personal lives.   

We take each job and find all of the weaknesses in the current planning to expose unplanned situations that may arise and talk about them with everyone involved.

Count on us for any vacuum truck project.